Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I got my new lens.... Canon 55-250 IS

Wow, it feels great to buy something... especially when its a lens... :)

So, after deliberations for few weeks, I finally ordered my new lens last weekend. Got it soon afterwards. Its a Canon 55-250 IS F/4-5.6

There are quite a few reviews ( review-1, review-2 ) available for this one, so I wont attempt at writing one, but I can point out a few things from my experience..

  • The build is not so nice. The feel in hand is much more plasticky than the standard kit lens (18-55 from my EOS 350D days). Even though both are plastic, the finishing of the kit lens is much much better than this one.
  • There is a certain whirring sound when IS is enabled, if you hear really closely. Some investigations (basically asking questions on forums) revealed that its normal due to the IS function.
  • I have just taken my first batch of photos, and not completely done with processing yet. However, the first impressions are great. I have always had the problem with my hand not steady enough for a high-zoom shot, and the IS in this lens is just the life saver for me.
  • Few photos from the first outing are posted on my flickr account.

Love this thing. Will write more when more experiences show up.... Here are some shots...

aha..., originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Doesnt that sparkle..., originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

On Grayscale..., originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Dandelion, originally uploaded by yOOrek.

A wonderful photo from George...

absolutely stunning...

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Travel Photographer: Gateway of the Gypsies

Found this piece about Nomads in northwestern India.  In local slang, we (Indians) call them "Banzara".  I dont know enough about their history to comment on the documentory here, but the mention of the people from India sort of excited me.

The Travel Photographer: Gateway of the Gypsies


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Nice painting...

Found this while surfing net somewhere...

I like this painting very much. :)    
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