Thursday, February 28, 2008

Learning Photography

I found this collection of articles on photography.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Replacing two separate lenses with a superzoom...

I have been playing around the thought of replacing my two lenses with one super zoom. And then with a next step, move into specialized lenses for special situations.

Read more about that here...

New leaves

New leaves, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

It is not honestly my shot, since it was taken by my better half. :)

It was another sunny afternoon, and the new spring leaves still dominate our surroundings. She took it not far from other other locations that inspired my shots.

I did some cropping and post processing to the original shot, and I think it has come out very nicely. I really like it... already considering for my wallpaper...

Remarks ?


Violets, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

While walking to my gym, I found this small bunch of violet flowers (dont know the exact name.. :( ) blossoming in the middle of dry leaves at the bottom of a tree.

Couldnt resist shooting since it gave me an interesting contrast. It was pretty sunny too, so the sunlight also played a role there.

Afterwards I sat down on my laptop to touch the saturation a bit before posting here.

Remarks ?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saxophone player

Since it was a shot from a normal Minolta SLR, the digital version is a scanned copy given to my by the photo developing shop. I found it very interesting to see what digital alterations have done to the original scanned image. Specially the color balance, saturations.. And some cropping too...

Remarks pls...

Nice evening shot...

Found this while surfing DPreview galleries, absolutely magnificent shot...couldnt resist posting...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Leaves

New Leaves, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Spring is on the way, and my collection of rose plants are showing signs of new leaves...

Took this one on a sunny afternoon at my place.. second one from the set..

Spring's on the way

Spring's on the way, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Spring is on the way, and my collection of rose plants are showing signs of new leaves...

Took this one on a sunny afternoon at my place.

Remarks ?

Friday, February 22, 2008

A content Musician

I find the contentment in the instrument player phenomenal. A review request I posted on, people suggested that an angled view would have been better. Though I respect the views, since it was an spontaneous shot, I did not really got a chance to shoot another one.


Cute landscape...

Shamelessly referred from gak

Fantastic eye shot

Absolutely fantastic shot of the eye of a Giraffe.... by n2soaring

Giraffe family meal

Giraffe family meal, originally uploaded by j_wijnands.

Isnt that a cute shot...

I would have loved it even more if the shot would somehow gave view of the giraffe's height... :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Red hot tulip...

I am not convinced about the level of redness this particular flower should have, but I still like the shot somewhere.
To me, it feels like the flower is of color fire-red... comments ?


A gentleman (Matt Simpson) suggested on dpreview that I could have processed the image as posted here, with which I absolutely agree. Reduced noise and cropping have brought the image in much more prominence.

Light rays from behind the clouds...

Found this in my old image collection (which I am reviewing these days). Immediately liked it and thought of sharing... I have to admit, its not the cleanest images, a situation shared by many of my old Minolta photographs.

Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog

Found this interesting blog, quite a lot of interesting stuff and links to even more stuff..

Plugins, comments, comparisons...

Walking Trail...

Forest_Wanderweg, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Is it only me, or someone else also sees a column of light descending from skies into the far away end-point of the walking trail. Doesnt it look like the people are walking into oblivion...

Tiny Purple beus...

Small yet beautiful...

Colors of autumn...

Posted by Picasa

I specially like the different shades of green and red intermixed yet visibly present.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5.5 Terapixel camera

Found this somewhere on internet...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Drying leaves in an abyss

Drying Flower in an abyss, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

One of my rare attempts at close-up photography. found this by the sidewalk when I was going to the gym.

I dont have any sort of special macro lens (as George asked me the moment I asked him about Macro photography). Just the normal kit lens from my EOS 350D kit.

I hope its worth looking at.

Feel free to comment.. pls..

yOOrek's Rants'n Raves: Beautiful Photo of Old Lisbon

Here's a great photo George found somewhere...

yOOrek's Rants'n Raves: Beautiful Photo of Old Lisbon

Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Year Fireworks - Zurich

Here's one from my collection of New Year Fireworks at Zurich Lake. The album is here

Sunset sky


Posted by Picasa

We went to do some sleghing an hour away from Winterthur (forgot the name of the place :( And while returning, I looked at this and thought, "How can I not capture this...".

Flower in Lauterbrunnen


Posted by Picasa

Shot in Lauterbrunnen in July 2007. Shared today :)

Stage at a concert


Posted by Picasa

Shot without any help from Tripod etc. It was a concert in Winterthur, such things I frequent even though I dont get a word of the poetry thats supposedly sung there (I dont get German yet.. :( ). So, I tried to capture the stage smoke and here's how it came out...

Comments Guys...

Paris Night Shot

Paris Night Shot 1, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Another one from same trip...

In this one, I specially like the way green color has come out from the lights in garden. Lovely view....

Tracadero from Effel Tower - Night shot

Paris Night Shot 2, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Took it from the top of Effel Tower, when we were in Paris in October. Spectacular lighting, I think such views truely give Paris the title, "City of Lights"

I like the way the detailing has come out despite that it was a landscapic shot and that it was so dark.

Kudos to the camera. :)

I have definitely seen the light...

As George would put it, I have definitely seen the light.

After the introduction to postprocessing and the cures possible as a result, I have a strong tendency of going back to my old photographs and look at them again in a new perspective.

Photos where I felt I did not so nicely, I could concentrate on them to "perhaps" get something out from them.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Evening sky in Winterthur

Forest Of Reds, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

An evening sky in Winterthur.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Forest Of Reds

Forest Of Reds, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Another one from my old photo set of Keukenhof photos from The Netherlands.

Touched a bit with PS...


yOOrek's Rants'n Raves: Defender - There is no substitute

yOOrek's Rants'n Raves: Defender - There is no substitute


SingleTulip, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Tulip_drop, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Courtesy George, I am starting to look at post processing even more... This one is an altered version of the original photo

Anybody care to comment...

Post Processing of "By the side of Zurich lake"

By the side of Zurich lake, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Tried some of my first learnings on post processing on this photo.

Care to comment...
the original is here...

By the side of Lake Zurich, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Taken sometime in 2005 Dec, using my old Minolta Analog SLR (that should explain the grainy image quality). :(

However, I like the look of the photograph as it is, gives me a vintage painting like feeling.

My introduction to Post Processing

Yesterday, while discussing around photography, George agreed to show/tip me on somethings about Post processing.  Let me say it clearly here, that I am not a big fan of Post Processing a given photo in Photoshop or similar tools.

However, after what George showed me yesterday, I have to admit, yes, there is a certain benefit attached there.

I've only got to the very basic stuff till now, like controlling the blacks, the whites and such, but I am turning into a fan already.  

I have always seen photography as an art of the camera, and probably never realized what role Post processing play in terms on overcoming the mistakes the camera/man could have made.  I guess my knowledge of photography is going up another level.

Cant thank George enough on this.  

Know more about George at

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunset at Louvre - 2

One of the better photos of sky that I have seen...

DSC_0409, originally uploaded by _maze_.

Great shot Marcel...

Violet beauties

violets_Keuk, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

From Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands.

Catching water at fountain

Catching water at fountain, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

I tried to capture the flow of water midway. Not that its some spectacular photograph somehow, I like the way flow of the water layer that looks like stopped mid-way.

Luzern, Switzerland

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

George's Experiments

Originally uploaded by yOOrek
Here's this one from George.

I dont want to sound negative, but I dont quite appreciate as much post processing as he loves.

Personally, I am more of someone who likes the photographs as they come naturally out of the camera thing. Not to say that post processing is something lesser or whatever, but its just photography to me stops at the camera.

Still like the image from George...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pink Tulips Lit by Afternoon Sun

What lovely light effect ...
Absolutely creative and fantastic photograph... :)

Forest of Tulips...

Flowers_field, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

This one give me a feel that I m standing in front of a huge wall of Tulips. Though George said its not as sharp as he would want it to be, but then he always says that for all my photographs...

Sometime I wonder if he's actually telling the truth... !!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Children Park

Snow_Park, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

One of my all time favourites. I like this one for the feeling that it gives away. whether its a painting or a photograph ?

And also, all the snow has given the whole scenery a sad kind of feeling. That adds to the effect.

Isnt that striking ?

I find this one very interesting.

Primarily for the background that almost completely dark. And therefor the flower kind of stands out. The colors have come out pretty nice as well.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sentries at Wagha...

IMG_7894, originally uploaded by

Nothing technically special about the photograph though, however, I feel that I should mark it to my blog.

The primary reason, its from Wagha border (India-Pakistan border in Punjab). I have been to the place and there is a special ceremony to mark the "taking down the flag" in the evening.

Border guards from both countries try to impress as much as they can over tiny little things and it feels both funny and awkward and patriotic.

So, reminiscing Wagha...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cute baby...

Referred with regards from

I wonder whether some would call that a bit overexposed ?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thinking of buying a new lens

Canon has already come out with various IS lenses. And so has Sigma and Tamron with their own versions (and naming conventions) for Canon mounts.

Though I love the SLR concept and the possibility of changing a lens to adapt to a given situation, I have this urge to go for a lens which allows me enough range that is good enough for most of the situations.

While I was looking, I found that Sigma has released a 18-200 lens, and Tamron 18-250. Unfortunately (or is it strategic decision) Canon has not released such a lens.

Its already clear from such a zoom range that there would be sacrifices on different levels while trying to achieve that range. The different lens reviews that I found for these two lenses have not been great.

Both these lense lack something or other over the zoom range.

Here are the reviews I found and I am yet to decide whether to go for one of them, or wait for Canon (or someone else) to come up with a better lens in that range.

  1. @Bob Atkins Photography
  2. @E Photo Zine