Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring's on the way

Spring's on the way, originally uploaded by s_raghu20.

Spring is on the way, and my collection of rose plants are showing signs of new leaves...

Took this one on a sunny afternoon at my place.

Remarks ?


yOOrek said...

The highlights on the leaves are blown.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raghav - this is a nice composition but it looks like it was just too sunny to get a good shot. If you will do a lot more plant photography, you might wish to buy a diffuser disc, inexpesnive but can turn harsh lighting into beautiful lighting. but this might have been the best possible image that day, sometimes the key to great photos is knowing when not to shoot! Philip

Raghav said...

George, Philip,

Thanks for your comments. You indeed are true, some parts of the leaves remain over-exposed.

I take it as part of my learning process. Hope not to repeat this in future images.